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Cereals, pulses

Whole grains and legumes, organically grown, abound with healthy nutrients and are considered the basis of a healthy diet.


Nuts, seeds

Nuts and seeds are the best natural source of healthy fats and fat-soluble vitamins. Their positive impact on overall health has been proven.


Milk, cheese, meat veggy substitutes

This is the right choice for those who, for health or other reasons, want to reduce the amount of animal protein and fats in their diet, or to ompletely throw them out.


Vegetable spreads

If you really want healthy alternatives to butter, pate and other industrial spreads, these herbal spreads, made from nuts are far healthier variants of the so-called vegetable fat and margarine.


Edible oils

Cold pressed seed ant nut oils are health nutritional choice. Some of them are especially healthy and recommendable for those who try to impruve conditions like obesity, elevated blood cholesterol and similar.


Natural sweeteners

In contrast to artificial seweeteners, these are natural alternatives to refined white sugar, with low glycemic index, convenient for those who do not want to or should not use refined sugar.



Spices are the heart of any meal, but far from it that they only make food more tasty. Almost every space have some beneficial influence on our digestive system as well as on the whole body. This is scientificaly proven fact.


Healthy sweets

For those who would not leave out sweets from their diet, these products made of honey, maltex, whole grain and nuts are far mor healthier choice than traditional seweets ful of refined sugar and unhealthy fats.




Sometimes we cannot obtain all the necessary nutrients and micronutrients from our ordinary diet; in that case supplements can help us, especially when we recover from an illness. 



Experienced phytoterapists know that there is a tea for every ailment. Beside, herbal teas are real pleasure. So, enjoy and help your health in natural way.


Medicinal plants

Some herbs are known by its beneficial influenc on overall health, and also on specific health conditions. In most cases, their traditional use was proven by modern science.



Right information may be a half of a problem's solution. That is why good book about healthy way of life may be invaluable help and inspiration for us to really live in a healthier way.


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