promocija merc1U Mercatoru u Novom Sadu, 1. i 2. avgusta održana je promocija Beyondovih proizvoda. Na privremenom štandu Beyonda postavljenom kraj police sa našim proizvodima zainteresovani su mogli da dobiju detaljne informacije o našem bogatom prodajnom programu. Svi oni kupci koji su kupili bilo koji Beyondov proizvod čija je cena bila preko 650 din. kao poklon su dobili brendiranu šolju za Yogi Tea čajeve, kao i naš časopis Zdrava hrana.

Promocija je održana u Mercatorovom premium objektu, Bul. oslobođenja 102.

Žen Sen is famous Chinese medicinal root that helps recover the body, enhances brain activity, has an anti-stress effect. The root of ginseng is one of the most respected agents that are used in traditional medicine of the Far East where it is used as a central nervous system stimulant, to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar metabolism, the disease of the liver and gall bladder, to strengthen the heart, clogging blood vessels. According to scientific studies, ginseng is recommended for strengthening and increasing brain activity, to improve the function of the stomach and intestines, as well as against fatigue and stress prevention.

Ginseng can now get in the form of very tasty instant tea ginseng, completely natural. He's gone in a minute, can be prepared and cold and warm.

Where do I buy?

You can find it in the store "Beyond" Voždova 76b in Nis, tel. 018-514-182 at our online store, or look in the well-stocked health food stores.

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