BEYOND Company

umestoprodavniceBeyond is a production-trading enterprise which deals with health food. It consists of wholesale department, health food store and production department.


Even the initial image of our company Beyond resembled to good American and European Union health food stores. Our customers find it very convenient that beside the merchandise they look for they could always get a piece of good advice concerning healthy diet from our salesmen who not only know this field very well, but also practice healthy life style.

The full scale of our products, wholesale and retail sale articles you can find in our store in Nish, Vozdova 76b street, in the very centre of town, nearby National Theatre.

In our store you can find more than 2000 articles which cover almost all that a health food store may offer. We are especially proud on our own products - tasty, fresh and healthy soy products, seitan (wheat meat), healthy sweets made of nuts, honey and barley malt and so on. We know what is in trend, so you can be sure that in our store you can find all that is new in the health food field!



A part of our offer you can order using our e-shop "Beyond e-shop"


Shortly after the opening of our health food store, the company Beyond started with health food production (January 2001). Using expert advices of Swiss health food producer A. W. Danzer, one of European health food pioneers, we succeeded to develop a series of quite innovative soy products adapted to Serbian market, which we later managed to enrich with a series of very tasty vegetarian sausages and spreads.

In contrast to majority of other health food producers we decide to give priority to the our customer's health, even if we earn less, so that we do not use no additives and preservatives to prolong shelf life of our products.


Petra Konjovića 44  Niš 18106
tel. +381-018-281-011, 062 344 527


In order to be most effective in distribution of our products, along with other high quality health food products, we decide to start our own wholesale in Belgrade. In our wholesale you can buy many exclusive products, such as it is Neera syrup, many organically grown products (grains, beans, seeds and so on), natural products for losing weights, variety of natural instant teas (ginkgo, ginseng and ginger tea) etc.

Today almost everyone knows how precious is organically grown food. What is the use of even most healthy groceries, if they are polluted in various ways. People who practice health diet consisting mainly of grains and beans find it very important to buy organically grown foods. That is the main reason why Beyond whole sale decided to go in this direction and it was first of Serbian companies that systematically started to supply our market with certified organic foods. It was exactly thanks to Beyond company that Serbian health food lovers finally could find in every health food store almost all grains and beans typically used, and even some of exotic kinds - like quinoa, azuki and mung beans and similar, beside very healthy organic coconut oil.


Beograd, Narodnog Fronta 16 (Konjarnik)
Tel./fax: (381) 011 347 6034
Mob: (381) 063 390 670
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