Healthy sweets

For those who would not leave out sweets from their diet, these products made of honey, maltex, whole grain and nuts are far mor healthier choice than traditional seweets ful of refined sugar and unhealthy fats.



Muesli bar natura, 100 g

Delicious natural bar of sesame, raisins, roasted ground peanuts, sunflower, natural honey, maltex and cornflakes.

Kiki baton, 100 g

Another healthier candy that has won over fans of a healthier diet, based on peanuts in a shell, maltex, soy lecithin, in a waffle wafer. Suitable for fasting on water.

Coconut cube, 100g

A healthier sweet has long been in the repertoire of health food stores.

Almond bar, 100 g

Bittersweet bar with honey, maltex, sesame butter (taan), roasted almonds and cocoa powder.

Muesli Bar Cranberry, 100 g

A natural bar made from a combination of sesame, raisins, cranberries, cornflakes, maltex, expanded barley with cinnamon, expanded chocolate rice and expanded white rice.

Banana chips, organic

Banana chips, obtained by frying pieces of bananas in fresh coconut oil, are certainly among the healthier snacks.

Coconut flakes, organic

Coconut flakes are made from organically grown coconut and are an excellent addition to muesli, fruit salads, desserts, and can also be added to savory dishes such as ...

Cranberries, dried, organic

Recently, producers have appeared who, with enormous efforts, manage to produce organic cranberries using completely natural preparations, which contributes to its ...

Crna čokolada organska 100% kakaoa

Beyond organic dark chocolate with 100% cocoa parts is made from ingredients of high-quality Ariba cocoa beans, originating from Ecuador. These grains are characterized ...

Raisins organic

As a quick source of energy, raisins are "fuel for muscles", so they are especially recommended for athletes. Rich in natural fruit sugars, especially fructose and ...


A completely natural candy made of hazelnuts, honey, maltex and raisins.

Dried apricot organic

Dried apricots are produced from organically grown, healthy, technologically mature fruits that are dried in the sun using traditional methods and have a natural light ...

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