Milk, cheese, meat veggy substitutes

This is the right choice for those who, for health or other reasons, want to reduce the amount of animal protein and fats in their diet, or to ompletely throw them out.


Tofu Grill, certified organic

Tofu fried in sunflower and olive oil and lightly salted. From organically produced soy. It tastes like young cow's cheese. It is suitable for sandwiches or as a side ...

Tofu raw, certified organic

Tofu - soy cheese - is the most widespread soy product. It is obtained by coagulating soy milk. It has been used in food in the East for centuries, and it is ...

Tempeh, roasted, certified organic

Extremely nutritious and tasty protein product from fermented soybeans from organically produced soybeans in the form of steaks seasoned with tamari soy sauce that ...

Soy burger

Vegetarian "meatballs" made from organically produced soybeans, enriched with wholemeal rice and tempting spices. It is rich in proteins and energetically strong.

Seitan raw

The so-called "wheat meat" - seitan is a high-protein product created by extracting wheat protein from wheat flour. It belongs to the group of diet foods because it ...

Fried Seitan

Seitan or so-called "wheat meat" in the form of steaks fried with the addition of tamari sauce and spicy spices. It has an extraordinary taste, and is a favorite ...

Smoked tofu, certified organic, cut

Smoked cheese from organically produced soy with excellent taste. It is ideal for sandwiches, especially during fasting or as an addition to fasting sarma and other ...

Tempeh raw, certified organic

Tempeh is an extremely nutritious and tasty protein product made from fermented soybeans from organically produced soybeans in the form of steaks seasoned with tamari ...

Soy sausage

Soy sausage (natural, non-genetically modified), with spices, a very tasty substitute for meat products.

Soy salami

Soy (vegetarian) salami, based on tofu cheese made from natural (non-genetically modified) soy, wheat protein, soy sauce and spices, an excellent tasty substitute for ...

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