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Shortly after the opening of our health food store, the company Beyond started with health food production (January 2001). Using expert advices of Swiss health food producer A. W. Danzer, one of European health food pioneers, we succeeded to develop a series of quite innovative soy products adapted to Serbian market, which we later managed to enrich with a series of very tasty vegetarian sausages and spreads.

In contrast to majority of other health food producers we decided to give priority to the our customer's health, even if we earn less, so that we use no additives and preservatives to prolong shelf life of our products.

The full list and description of our products you can see in our production catalogue.

Vegetable proteins, tasty and healthy meat substitutes
Basic food which is considered to be adequate animal protein substitute is tofu, and it is our main product. Tofu, which was used for thousands of years in China and Japan, today is recommended not only by macrobiotics, but also by FDA as a food which preserve cardio-vascular health. Beside raw tofu, which you can prepare as you like, we produce tofu in various spicy varieties - fried on cold pressed oil and tamari soy sauce, tofu with olives, smoked tofu etc.

We produce also tempeh, an Indonesian specialty made of fermented soy, which is extremely tasty, easy to digest, and even good meat chop lovers cannot find fault with its excellent taste.

Another one product rich in proteins and energetically strong, also loved much by vegetarians, is seitan, so called wheat meat, actually wheat gluten isolated and prepared in special way.

Seed and nut spreads
Peanut butter is already on the market for a long time, and in Serbia not so long, but our contains no additives. But excellent spreads can be made from pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, and we conquered the technology needed for its production. None of our spreads contains additives and preservatives. Sesame seed paste, so-called taan, is used in eastern cuisine from long time ago, and we produce it as well.

Natural sweets
We are especially proud on our series of healthy sweets, containing neither white sugar nor additives. Our sweets are based on nuts (peanuts, walnuts, chestnuts, almonds) with natural sweeteners such as honey and barley malt, which are healthy by themselves.

Raw expeller pressed oils Using ground breaking German technology, we produce high quality raw, expeller pressed sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and flax seed oils. During the expelling process, temperature does not exceed 37oC, so that these oils can be considered raw and used in row food diet.

All this products can be found in our store and also in all other health food stores, as they can be ordered through our e-shop.


Petra Konjovića 44  Niš 18106
tel. +381-018-281-011, 062 344 527






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