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In order to be most effective in distribution of our products, along with other high quality health food products, we decided to start our own wholesale in Belgrade. In our wholesale you can buy many exclusive products, such as it is Neera syrup, many organically grown products (grains, beans, seeds and so on), natural products for losing weights, variety of natural instant teas (ginkgo, ginseng and ginger tea) etc.

Today almost everyone knows how precious is organically grown food. What is the use of even most healthy groceries, if they are polluted in various ways. People who practice health diet consisting mainly of grains and beans find it very important to buy organically grown foods. That is the main reason why Beyond whole sale decided to go in this direction and it was first of Serbian companies that systematically started to supply our market with certified organic foods. It was exactly thanks to Beyond company that Serbian health food lovers finally could find in every health food store almost all grains and beans typically used, and even some of exotic kinds - like quinoa, azuki and mung beans and similar, beside very healthy organic coconut oil.

Soy products, nut and seed spreads, healthier sweets


We distribute a reach in variety series of imaginative and tasty soy products (smoked tofu, tofu with olives, tempeh etc), seeds and nut spreads (pumpkin seed, sunflower seed and peanut butters, sesame spread (taan)), healthy sweets made from nuts, honey and barley malt - produced by our health food production department. The most important thing in it is that in contrast with most commercially packed foods no one of our products contain either additives or preservatives.

Vegetable spreads
As vegetarianism gains more and more popularity, more and more vegetable spreads are replacing once wide-spread meat pastes. That is why Beyond decided to become general distributor of a series of spicy vegetable spreads made from mushrooms, broccoli, paper, tomato etc.


Neera diet
Beyond wholesale is exclusive importer and distributor of Neera syrup, the bases of popular Swiss weight losing and cleansing diet which is in use for already 40 years. It acquired fame among Hollywood stars, so it is used by Bioncee Nouls, Mick Jagger, Tom Hanks, along with legendary athlete, Carl Lewis.

Weight losing products
In out wholesale you can find natural weight losing products, on the bases of vegetable dietary fibers, and also good apple cider, recommended by naturopathic medicine for these purposes.

Clay products
Natural clay is one of the most potent agencies for detoxification of human body, so we sell clay for both internal and external use, made by renown Serbian producer, Shenemil company.

Medicinal mushrooms
In traditional medicine, medicinal mushrooms occupy distinguished place. Beyond is general distributor of shiitake, maitake, reishi, astragalus, cordyceps and other extremely healing mushrooms. We also distribute famous Chinese tonic, ginseng.

Instant teas
We are especially proud for being the importer and distributor of ginger, ginseng and Gingko biloba instant teas. These natural medicinal herbs with wide beneficial influence of body functions, should be at hand in every house. Especially they are convenient in the form of instant teas (with no additives and preservatives!) which can be ready in a minute.

We offer articles of so high nutritional and functional value to human body, that they are sometimes called superfoods: wheat, barley and alfa-alfa grass, chia seeds, microalgae spirulina and chlorela, psillium, nopal cactus, raw cocoa nibs, grounded flax seeds (protected from oxidation),

Beside this, we supply health food stores with sea salt, Aloe vera gel, essential (or enteric) oils and emulsions for various purposes.


Beograd, Narodnog Fronta 68
Tel./fax: +381 011 347 6034
Mo: +381 063 390 670
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