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Even the initial image of our company Beyond resembled to good American and European Union health food stores. Our customers find it very convenient that beside the merchandise they look for they could always get a piece of good advice concerning healthy diet from our salesmen who not only know this field very well, but also practice healthy life style. Often we used to organize free workshops and conferences for our customers, with distinguished experts in the field of alternativ medicine and nutrition from all over Balkans.

In our health food store in the main street in Nish city you can find more than 2000 products which cover almost all that a health food store may offer. We are especially proud on our own products - tasty, fresh and healthy soy products, seitan (wheat meat), healthy sweets made of nuts, honey and barley malt and so on. We know what is in trend, so you can be sure that in our store you can find all that is new in the health food field!

Visit as at Vozdova 76 b Street and see what is the quality and variety of our offer, or you can ask what interests you on +381-18-514-182

A part of our offer you can order using our e-shop "Zdrava Hrana e-shop"


Niš, Voždova 76b 
Telephone: +381 -18-514-182
Fax: +381-18-514-182
E-mail: <send us e-mail>

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